Wind Technology Integrator

We combine Wind Technologies with Solar & Storage in designing & managing custom-built energy systems

The Sunrigen Green Energy (SGE) strategy is to utilize latest technologies available in the market to provide complete turn-key and custom solutions for stable green energy directly to the end-user.

Sunrigen has developed 5-20 kW vertical axis wind turbines and battery storage system. These wind turbines are “Game Changer” as the first wind system suitable for a rural residence that is more cost effective than the utility power.

For Solar & Storage, Sunrigen has exclusive partnerships with world-class manufacturers of green energy products. Our partners and suppliers have been carefully selected on the basis of their technology, experience, quality, and innovation potential.

Wind – Solar Integration

While the cost of such Solar photo-voltaic panels has come down significantly, solar energy’s dependence on the amount of sunlight received, does not make it a economically viable option by itself as a single-source energy generation system in most of Canada and North America.

Sunrigen specializes in combining Wind + Solar power sources to supply non-intermittent electric power. Sunrigen’s small “hybrid” electric system that combines wind and solar (PV) technologies offers several advantages.

In North America, wind speeds are low in the summer when the sun shines brightest and longest; while the windpeed in winter is higher when less sunlight is available. Because the peak operating times for wind and solar systems occur at different times of the day and year, hybrid systems are more suitable in situations where stable, uninterrupted power is needed.

Our Energy Storage Systems balance out the short-term & long-term intermittency associated with Wind and Solar.

Sunrigen’s Preferred Energy Storage System uses a battery Storage technology known as the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (“VRB”) developed by REDT of Ireland best suited for large residential and small to medium sized commercial applications.
For smaller installations deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries have been reliably used in off-grid applications for decades. Such Battery Banks are typically sized to supply the electric load for one to three days.

Wind – Diesel Integration

Sunrigen’s Wind-Diesel solution can reduce costly diesel fuel consumption by optimizing (or eliminating) the use of generators such as those found in remote communities, rural homes and mines. The main goal with the wind diesel hybrid system is to reduce fuel consumption and reduce system operating costs for economic purposes and environmental impact

Sunrigen’s hybrid system incorporates Wind/Solar technology, fossil fuel engine generator(s), a battery bank, and a power converter.

Depending upon the amount of energy expected from the renewable sources (system penetration) and the methods used to control the power system, Sunrigen can design Wind-diesel power systems from simple designs in which wind turbines are connected directly to the diesel grid with a minimum of additional features, to more complex systems where advanced controls and components are required