Solutions for Rural Homes and Urban Condominiums


The Sunrigen small client is a rural home, small farm or business that is paying significant utility or fuel bills, and is interested in using a small wind turbine and battery storage system on their property to provide stability of both cost and power supply.  This client can utilize their existing service, utility, or generator as a back-up for the Sunrigen system.  These clients require 10 to 50kW wind turbine capacity to service their needs.

The Sunrigen Green Energy Inc. small wind system will give rural homes, farms, and small businesses:

Power Stability

  • Provide backup power in the event of main electrical grid failure.
  • Improve power quality by eliminating surges and brownouts.

Price Stability

It is expected that utility prices will continue to increase every year. Your Sunrigen system will save you money every month.


Depending on your specific electrical consumption, the Sunrigen Small Energy Package can significantly reduce existing electricity costs, and may completely eliminate your hydro electrical grid needs.

How much could you save?

Sunrigen energy experts will prepare a free cost analysis of your current hydro power usage, and provide you with a savings estimate. Call for rates and additional information about the Sunrigen Small Energy Package



For Building Owners and Property Managers who want to dramatically reduce their energy bills, Sunrigen has partnered with an innovative and patented line of Green Thermostats™ / Energy Management Systems (EMS).

Unlike Building Automation Systems which cost thousands of dollars, and unlike programmable thermostats which require a high level of maintenance to maximize tenant comfort and energy savings – this system provides a high level of individual room control while delivering best-in-class energy efficiency.

Sunrigen installed thermostats are specifically designed for both retrofit and new applications, and use unique patented technology to control room temperatures, ventilation and lighting based on actual occupant behaviour.

Read More about our Retrofit / Energy Efficiency program