Sunrigen’s primary focus is:

  • Small communities / Townships across Canada and USA
  • Remote and Aboriginal communities across Canada and USA

Remote Communities and Townships

 We classify remote communities as those communities that cannot rely on central power grids.  These include communities and Townships in Northern and Central Ontario. Remote off grid communities are more affected by the price of oil, as in many cases diesel fuel is the only alternative for power generation.  Expensive transportation of fuel to these communities magnifies the effect of this dependency.

These  remote  and rural  projects  require:

  • Fully  funded  solutions,
  • Ease  of  installation,  including  compatibility  with  diesel  or  grid  requirements,
  • Ease  of  maintenance  and  operation,
  • Ease  of  delivery  and  installation.

By integrating wind, solar, fuel cells, utility-grade battery storage and power quality, bio-mass waste-to-energy, and hydro technologies, Sunrigen Green Energy can build and manage a cost-effective micro-grid to enable sustainable energy independence that can create jobs and other economic development opportunities for the community.