Off-grid Solutions for Farms, Mines and Commercial Buildings

Distributed Generation is the generation of power at its point of use: thereby saving losses of power that occur in the grid and also providing greater stability. Sunrigen ensures stability both in terms of energy supply and costs while providing a green image.

There is a void in the supply of green energy to a market that is ideal for a Sunrigen blended solution with the following characteristics:

  • Power capacity between 100 kW and 2 MW
  • Simple connection to an irregular power grid
  • Minimal requirements for installation infrastructure: no space limitations, no connection issues, etc.
  • Priced at a unit value (cost per kWh) equal to or less than retail grid


Farms and other medium sized commercial energy users present an opportunity in this market as they are interested in gaining energy independence and stabilizing their long term energy costs. Greenhouse farms present a prime target as they are large energy users and existing power may be of low quality.  Other farms such as Pig and Chicken are large scale prospects that operate from multiple locations.


With lower commodity prices and tighter margins, renewable energy is becoming the most competitive option at mining sites for stable, reliable and cheaper power generation

Hotels, Apartment Buildings and Condominiums

For commercial buildings, Sunrigen’s Energy Conservation System is designed to provide energy savings with an immediate return on investment and zero capital expenditure.

Based on the opportunity to save energy, Sunrigen offers full service, turnkey solutions – integrating relevant products and services to meet your  energy management needs.

This model provides such products and services on a monthly contract amount to be in the range of 70% of your estimated monthly project savings.

Your Benefits:

  • No Capital Expenditure
  • You will receive approximately a 30% saving off your electricity bill; plus 30% of any Retrofit Rebates.


Contact us now to get Sunrigen energy experts to prepare a free cost analysis of your current hydro power usage, and provide you with a savings estimate. Call or email for additional information about Sunrigen’s Energy Conservation System