360 Kw - For Communities, Large Farms & Industry

Solution for Remote Communities, Large Farms & Industry (Mines)

This is a larger version of the 15 kW turbine supplemented with features that provide cost benefits in a larger setting such as a large farm, industry or community.

This solution for mid-size clients will utilize a larger 360 kW version of our 15 kW vertical axis wind turbine design. This state of the art turbine is currently in development and will be available in about 18 months.

Salient Features:

Sunrigen’s vertical axis based design of the turbine is expected to improve cost effectiveness seen in standard turbines through:


  • A design that generates more power at low wind speeds.
  • Ease of installation (without cranes or access roads) even over melting permafrost.
  • A unique umbrella type design with installed IoT type sensors which will permit easier maintenance and safety in high wind conditions.
  • Connection to new flow through battery technology that will maintain power even when the wind is not blowing.


Our design uses a tripod tower and hydraulic drive train which significantly reduces the operating and installation costs of the wind turbine.

In many remote communities the presence of rock or uneven ground makes the installation of horizontal turbines expensive and difficult, if not impossible.






Solution Components

  • Vertical Axis Turbine
  • Power storage (Battery)
  • Energy & Load management

Energy Storage

Sunrigen’s Preferred Energy Storage System uses a battery Storage technology known as the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (“VRB”) developed by REDT of Ireland best suited for large residential and small to medium sized commercial applications.

For smaller installations: Deep-cycle lead-acid batteries have been reliably used in off-grid applications for decades. Such Battery Banks are typically sized to supply the electric load for one to three days.