5-20 Kw - For Rural Homes, Small Farms & Remote Areas

Solution for Rural Homes and Small Farms – Enough Electricity to Power a House 24/7

The Sunrigen Home Energy Package is designed for a rural home, small farm or business that is paying significant utility or fuel bills, and is interested in using a small wind turbine and battery storage system on their property to provide stability of both cost and power supply.




For rural homes & farms, Sunrigen is developing 5-25 kW vertical axis wind turbines and battery storage system.  These turbine generate enough electricity to power one complete household on a 24/7 basis – without the use of conventional energy from the grid.

Your Advantages:

  • Early Return on Investment : Expected in 6-7 years for a typical rural household.
  • Immediate Reduction in Power Bill: Depending on consumption profile, this solution can significantly reduce or even eliminate existing electrical utility needs.
  • Power Stability: Uninterrupted power. Eliminate surges and brownouts.
  • Price Stability: It is expected that utility prices will continue to increase every year. With each increase, the Sunrigen system will save clients more money every month.
  • Conventional sources (Utility grid, generators, etc) will be used only as a back-up service to this solution.

Salient Features:

Noise:  As a Vertical axis turbine has a low tip speed ratio (the relation between the tangential speed of the tip of a blade and the actual speed of the wind), this turbine has lower revolutions per minute, thus producing less vibration and noise.

Minimal Visual Impact: This turbine will be little more than tree height with only the blades being visible above trees. Being able to work at a lower elevation, quite often it can be installed behind or around large structures such as barns or out-buildings to reduce visual impact.

Birds: It is anticipated that the size, location and low revolutions will greatly reduce the impact on birds.

Minimal Regulations and Road-blocks:As a Class II category turbine, this solution does not require exhaustive and complicated approvals from various regulatory bodies.

Easy to Install & Maintain: This turbine is omni-directional and therefore does not need to change orientation to match the wind direction. This reduces the number of parts. The generator is also placed on the ground making it is easier for repair and maintenance.

The tower has a hinged design – an additional feature making it easier to install and maintain.

Solution Components

  • Vertical Axis Turbine
  • Power storage (Battery)
  • Energy & Load management

How will we do it?

Sunrigen energy experts will prepare a free cost analysis of the clients current hydro power usage and provide a savings estimate.

  1. Our systems design team draws up detailed plans on how the renewable energy solution will be installed. All project specifications are overseen by a dedicated project manager who will ensure all the logistics of the installation go as planned.
  2. Groundwork and Installation-Sunrigen will oversee the groundwork to make sure it is done in line with the system design. Once all the ground work is underway, Sunrigen’s dedicated engineers will begin installing the various elements of the project.
  3. Commissioning & System Training– Final commissioning makes sure the system is operating to expected parameters and maximum efficiency. Once the system is up and commissioned, our engineers will train the client on how to use the system and give a full end-user set of instructions for reference.

Regulations & Permits

Since this turbine falls in the Class II category of turbines: minimal regional, municipal and social approvals are required. Sunrigen will assist the client in guidance through the process.