Energy Storage

Currently, electricity is largely a “use it or lose it” type resource whereby once it’s generated by a solar PV system (or any type of fuel source) the electricity goes onto the grid and must be used immediately or be lost.

There are a number of batteries on the market that can store this energy, but even the most high-tech ones are fairly inefficient; they’re also expensive and have a pretty short shelf life, making them not the most attractive options for utility companies and consumers.

Sunrigen’s Preferred Energy Storage System

Sunrigen uses a battery Storage technology known as the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (“VRB”) developed by REDT of Ireland and is best suited for residential and small to medium sized commercial applications

The redT energy storage system is based on vanadium redox flow battery technology, which redT have refined over the past 15 years. The long lasting nature and high depth of discharge capabilities make this system ideal for a broad range of applications including but not limited to; renewables, island generation and telecommunications.

These products are fully flexible and modular, allowing them to be combined to create MW scale energy storage solutions

Key Features
• Over 10,000 cycles without significant degradation
• 100% depth of discharge
• Up to 80% round trip efficiency
• Long duration storage
• Rapid response
• Flexible, Modular
• Safe, Low maintenance
• Operate up to 55°C (with climate control)