Paul Sleight


  • An entrepreneur with 50 years of technical product development and Marketing experience.
  • Able to take a product or service and rapidly generate substantial revenue and profit for both start-ups and established businesses.
  • As a CEO has a strong ability to bring together the right skills and personnel to make the business a success.
  • Started 7 different start-ups (taking 3 of them public) since 1979.
  • As a Business Analyst has a reputation for being able to identify Customer needs and deliver solutions quickly and cost effectively.
  • As founder and CEO at Xenos built the company from two people and $100,000 annual revenues in its first year to twenty-five people and $15M annual revenues over a 5 year period.

Steve Edmonds

Chief Engineer

  • As Co-Founder of Vaxsis Inc. (turbine manufacturer), he was responsible for Research & Development for new cost effective wind turbine technology.
  • Has been working as a consultant and project manager for over 30 years in Energy Management, IT and industrial sectors.
  • As a consultant he has brought his unique ability to resolve technical issues that affect reliability.
  • His training and experience in understanding problems with technical systems has also been applied to his ability to design systems without problems.
  • Sixteen years ago Steve was asked to design a cost effective solution for connecting wind turbines to a mining operation and week remote grid. Resolving this problem introduced Steve to the wind industry.

Roland Vander Straeten

Engineering Consultant

  • As CEO of Vaxsis Inc. spearheaded the development of the Vaxsis Vertical Axis Wind turbine.
  • Founder and President of Anemoi Technologies. Anemoi Technologies is diversified company in the fields of wind energy and automotive and aerospace test facilities (design-build). It has designed, built and tested a prototype hydraulic transmission for wind turbines, designed and built a facility to test wind turbine transmissions, designed a wind tunnel to test wind turbine blades and it headed a study on effect of turbulence on the performance of wind turbine blades. Anemoi has the proven program management expertise to take a construction project from start to finish.
  • He holds a Dipl.Ing. (Masters)Degree in mechanical engineering, a Master of Applied Sciencedegree in aeronautical and fluid mechanic engineering and an MBA.
  • He headed two very extensive feasibility studies for wind energy applications: one of those was for a large mining company in a remote area of Manitoulin Island in Canada and included an extensive study of the applicability of vanadium flow batteries for energy storage.

Rohit Sharma

Project Delivery & Operations

Rohit brings 20 years of experience in leadership positions in project management, operations, customer delivery, strategy and marketing.

  • As a strategic investor in Sunrigen, Rohit uses his multi-faceted experience in to make market, customer, and product/service decisions that create value for customers and shareholders. He is also responsible for execution of strategies and day-to-day operations at Sunrigen.
  • Before Sunrigen, Rohit led the Project Management Office and project delivery organization for iVedha’s service initiatives and global delivery systems, where he was responsible for setting up the operational foundation, integration  marketing,  technology, delivery and quality processes across the organization.
  • A start-up specialist, Rohit has held many strategic positions in products, consulting & professional services companies.
  • Rohit graduated as a medical professional from the University of Bombay

Dave Slater, MBA, CFA

Corporate Finance & Funding

David has a background in investment management, investment banking and corporate finance.

  • He began working for the Bank of Canada, Securities Department in 1975.
  • He has worked in large corporate pension funds, Imperial Oil and Ontario Hydro, managing Canadian equity investments.
  • In May 1992 he became a founding partner in the Yorkton Securities technology group in Toronto where he financed a number of technology companies.
  • Slater has experience on both public and private company finance as well as mergers and acquisitions experience both in Canada and internationally.

Advisory Team

Robert (Bob) Lane


  • Managing partner of Robert H Lane and Associates Inc., a business advisory organization headquartered in Toronto Canada. Formed in 1984, the group provides innovative and creative problem solving and operational assistance to senior management. Clients include domestic and international groups involved in manufacturing, distribution, utility services, construction, providers of communication & computer services, technology start-ups and Government agencies.
  • His business career began with (Spitzer & Mills) Ted Bates Advertising, followed by product management and field sales assignments with Thomas J. Lipton (Good Humor Division) and Coca- Cola. In the mid 1960’s he joined Canadian General Electric, where he was involved with electronic component design, manufacturing and distribution for television and radio parts as well as construction products.
  • Northern Electric (NORTEL) recruited him as Chairman, President-CEO for NEDCO, Zentronics and Thomas Electric. After the divestiture of all electrical and electronic distribution activities, he managed the European Operations for Northern Telecom Systems and many activities related to the start-up of NORTEL in the USA. In 1980, he joined Commodore International as President Operations and successfully launched the Vic 20 and C64 home computers.
  • For over 30 years, he has been actively involved in the development of energy conservation solutions and related integrated environmental and communication applications for residential and commercial buildings including wireless ballasts, carbon monoxide detectors, smart meters and in-building voice and data solutions for developers and building managers.
  • Bob serves as a Board Member or Advisor to a number of companies in the USA and Canada including:Garden Connections, Symboticware, Entripy Clothing, Fontur International, GridPlex, TechConnex, Signum Wireless, 30-communications, Predictive Success, Vaughan International Commercialization Centre,  Vice Chairman Commercial Buildings (CABA), Vice Chairman of Invest Toronto.

Kumar Ratnam P.Eng


  • Kumar is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in Technology Services industry. His specialty is bootstrapping tech companies and transforming them into successful enterprises.
  • He also helps entrepreneurs in the technology start-up industry, acting as a board member and mentor, providing guidance for management teams.
  • His key strengths are building high performance teams;  Identifying future business opportunities to build strategies and direction;  Corporate governance and organizational structure strategies; And Investment, fund raising and CPC (Capital Pool Company) Program
  • Kumar is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of iVedha Inc., a provider of information technology services and a systems integrator; And Chairman at Aytra, where he responsible for the overall corporate strategy, business development strategy, technology and financial operations
  • Kumar is a professional engineer (electrical engineering) and is also a co-inventor, named in six U.S. patent applications.

Antoniu “Tony” Alexandru Bacsa

Waste to Energy Advisor

  • Tony is recognized as a world leader in Waste to energy system design.
  • Tony is now a Canadian Engineer with qualifications and experience in Hydraulics and Utility grade Electrical systems.
  • As principal engineer Tony has successfully completed hydroelectric, waste to energy and Geothermal projects in Eastern Europe America and Canada.
  • Tony has a degree in Civil Engineering