Wind Power Integrators

Using Innovative Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Combination with Solar & Storage Technologies


Bringing down the cost of Green Energy

Cost-Effective Technology, Realistic Financing Models & Power Purchase Agreements


Sustainability is our Mantra

Supporting You, Your Community & Your Environment


Welcome to Sunrigen

Enabling Energy Efficiency Using Wind Power

Sunrigen Specializes in Cost-Effective Green Energy by Blending Breakthrough Wind Technology with Solar and Storage


Using Vertical Axis Technology for Wind Power Generation

Innovative Wind & Wind-Hybrid Solutions using Solar & Storage

 Cost-Effective Solutions, with an average 6-7 years Return on Investment Period

Servicing the Mid-Market segment – 15KWh to 500KWh

Our Focus Areas


Single source or Hybrid solutions for On / Off Grid Power Generation in Remote Communities Townships


Retrofit, Energy Efficiency and Self-sustaining Energy solutions for Farms, Estates & Buildings


Off Grid, Secondary, back-up power for Mines, Data-Centres & Industrial buildings

Our Ecosystem

Wind Power

Innovative Technology using Vertical Axis Turbines in the 10 kwh to 360 Kwh range…

Solar Power

Sunrigen uses low-cost, high-efficiency, low carbon footprint solar panels and solar cell technology

Storage Solutions

Sunrigen uses a battery Storage technology known as the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery